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Advancing Low Carbon Solutions

The CCUS Forum brings together global experts with a shared objective: fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas to mitigate carbon emissions for a net-zero future.

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CCUS as a Decarbonization Strategy
CCUS plays a crucial role in accelerating the journey to Net Zero. It captures CO₂ emissions, utilizes them sustainably, and stores them to mitigate climate change and promote sustainability.
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Oct- Cairo, Egypt
Events to connect, learn and support growth

Global Hydrogen Summit DAY 2

Explore the potential of Hydrogen as the fuel of tomorrow- turning vision into action.

Oct 2

Networking hub

immersive Networking Areas for sustainable energy experts fostering innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Oct 1-3

Sustainable Energy Conference- DAY 1

Join the world’s energy leaders as they discuss policy investments and the adoption of sustainable energy across MENA.

Oct 1

Masterclass workshops

Immersive learning on sustainable energy, policy and finance, carbon capture, green hydrogen.

Oct 2-3

CCUS Forum - DAY 3

Collaborative approaches for advancing CCUS for effective decarbonization of energy and and fostering low carbon energy systems.

Oct 3

Energy Executives Circle

A high level event which unites ministers and world leaders to collaborate on advancing sustainable energy.

Oct 1

Gala Dinner

The culmination of a week-long expo and climate activities, where awards honour excellence.

Oct 2


Innovation hub, showcasing global tech, and inspiring experiences in energy advancements.

Oct 1-3

CCUS - Accelerating decarbonisation

Decarbonizing Hard-to-Abate Industries: Strategies and Innovations

Enhancing Regional and International Cooperation for Climate Action

Catalyzing Carbon Markets and Investments for Sustainable Growth

Scaling CCUS at Speed: Technologies and Best Practices

CO₂ Storage for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Opportunities and Challenges

Mineralization and Carbon Removal Technologies: Advancements and Opportunities

Carbon Utilization: Applications and Innovations for CO₂ Utilization

The global deployment roadmap

Policies & standards

Carbon Accounting and Crediting: Best Practices and Standards

Carbon Verification and Monitoring: Ensuring Accuracy and Transparency

Low-Carbon Steel and Cement Production

Nature-Based Carbon Removal: Harnessing Ecosystems for Climate Solutions

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Building on the success of the GHSO brand, Birba is now preparing a series of similar events across the Middle East to strengthen networking within the clean energy industry and bridge knowledge gaps between industries and countries.

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