CCUS Forum

Solving our world's greatest challenge

About the forum
CCUS Forum is being held in CAIRO this year and is set to feature at CSEW (Cairo Sustainable Energy Week). The Forum presents Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage opportunities across the MENA region and brings together leaders in policy, finance, tech, and industry. In this edition of CCUS Forum, leaders will engage in discussions that advance regional collaboration in support of CCUS and the production of lower carbon energy. Participants will explore how we can navigate global challenges and overcome barriers in the current economic climate. With a comprehensive focus on the CO₂ value chain, the CCUS Forum explores methods for addressing crucial aspects of climate change mitigation, offering a unique opportunity for capacity building, and knowledge sharing.

Who should attend

Government Institutions and

Policy Developers
and Regulators

Point Source Capture Technology Providers

Industry Observers
and Experts


Climate Technology Providers

Research and Development Institutions

Direct Air Capture Technology Providers

Equity and Business Analysts

Chemical Providers

Renewable Energy Developers

Prospective Investors

Engineering and Technical Consultants Management Consultants

Legal Consultants and Lawyers

Universities and Education Institutions Technology Providers