CCUS Forum

Women and Climate: Taking Bold Action for a Sustainable Future

Women from around the world have come together at the CCUS Forum, uniting at the Gulf’s first Women and Climate event. This global movement aims to harness the collective power of women to drive positive change and build a resilient future for all. The event was made possible through the generous support of Women and Climate (A New York based Not for profit) The US Embassy Qatar and Birba (An Omani event company supporting industries of the future).

Climate change is a threat that requires immediate action. Women, particularly those in marginalized communities, are disproportionately affected by its impacts. However, they also possess unique knowledge, skills, and perspectives that can contribute to innovative solutions. Recognizing this, Women and Climate seeks to amplify women’s voices and leadership in tackling climate change. “The United States government realizes that women are on the frontlines of the climate crisis worldwide, and women suffer disproportionately from its impacts. These challenges are not insurmountable, but to beat them we need the innovation, creativity, and power that can only come from diverse teams. Women’s perspectives and efforts are essential in this fight. We are proud to work with the women and men of the Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar, of Earthna, of the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, and other organizations in Qatar to tackle these challenges together.” – US Deputy Chief of Mission Natalie Baker:

Doha’s Women and Climate event united women from diverse backgrounds, including technology and policy experts, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the globe.

“Women and Climate is committed to elevating the voices of women in climate discussions at local, regional, and international levels. By providing platforms for sharing experiences, knowledge, and ideas, the movement seeks to ensure that women’s perspectives are included in decision-making processes. I want to thank Birba for working with us to make our first event in the Middle East a reality” Michelle Li (Founder, Women and Climate)

Women have a vital role to play in driving innovative solutions to climate change. By nurturing a pipeline of women leaders, Women and Climate seeks to foster inclusive and sustainable development and invites women to join hands in this global movement. To create a sustainable future that values the contributions of women and promotes environmental stewardship for generations to come.

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